Billy Dukes

Billy Dukes

We’re not quite sure what it is about coffee, the warmth and love in a mug that unites us all, the vivid aroma accented by a whiff of chocolate, enough to cure the bluest of Monday’s.

Coffee brings us together, it’s the quiet amongst the daily chaos that life brings, it’s the origin story to many of the world’s most formidable romances, it’s the “seal the deal” moment, the one that frames your career, or it’s a mothers saving grace. No one can deny it, our lives are made sweeter by a steaming cup of always plentiful, coffee.

Billy Dukes Coffee Bar is a mobile coffee joint, run by the visionary, Siyathemba Ralo. Their journey began in Port Elizabeth, combining a love of all things coffee, and the convenience of mobility,

Billy Dukes Coffee Bar operates out of a customised Tuk Tuk, often found around office parks, malls, and regions within the city. Billy Dukes Coffee Bar offers everything from the famed cup of coffee, to smoothies, juices, muffins through to a hearty meal in the form of a burger.

Siyathemba is a coffee enthusiast through and through. By owning, managing and operating his business, Billy Dukes, he takes brand directly to the customer and shares his passion for coffee with them, often sparking a conversation that can only be held over coffee.

With his vast knowledge of the hospitality industry, he was able to nurture his passion for giving people an overwhelming and satisfying experience through his venture as a mobile coffee bar owner. In 2018, Siyathemba made the shift from the formal industry and started Billy Dukes.

As a barista, he took his exceptional coffee making skills and passion for African coffee beans to the streets of Nelson Mandela Bay to give locals a taste like no other.

Billy Dukes has maintained their mission and vision to become a driving force, showcasing the marvel and wonder that is African Coffee. Through Billy Dukes, Siyathemba hopes to give people a unique tasting experience through the coffee that he serves, always rich in flavour and unlike any coffee on the market.





The Baker Brothers

The Baker Brothers

With humble beginnings, where the seeds of passion were planted at a young age whilst the Mboko brothers spent their days watching their father create pieces of art from flour and water, the Baker Brothers began their journey to personal greatness.

Driven by passion for creation, and the value that an otherwise simple piece of bread can bring, the Baker Brothers delight in the joy that their unique creations bring to their customers. The roots of their passion were  planted at a young age, growing up in Zimbabwe where the brothers would watch their father making his breads, naturally, the children were tempted to take small pieces of dough for themselves, and join their father in his creative process, experimenting with fanciful designs. Little did the boys know, these experiments would be the beginning of their careers, providing them with design inspiration to produce their unique take on bakery staples.

The brothers have spent their adult lives creating artisanal masterpieces, with exotic variations on traditional flavourings, from bread rolls to ciabatta. The Baker Brothers have remained loyal to their roots, whilst providing a unique spin on design and flavour, by pairing traditional tastes with modern preferences, from beetroot and potato bread, to their signature dish, perfectly fluffy cheese sticks.

For the four Mboko brothers, who now operate two successful Baker Brothers outlets, it has been a long, yet rewarding journey. Sam, Tafara, Marcel and Takunda Mboko left their home country in 2007, leaving behind the familiar comforts for the unknown, under the directive from their father to spread their artisanal baking story, growing their brand and infusing their heritage with unique design.
Their journey led them at first to Port Elizabeth, the birthplace of the famed Vovo Telo chain of restaurants and bakeries. After a short stint as employees of the popular chain, the brothers had the opportunity to share their story and brand through training and developing the new Vovo Telo Stores in the artisanal craft.

It wasn’t until 2017 that the first Baker Brothers store was opened at Melville’s 27 Boxes, the brothers had also opened a second outlet in Norwood, in 2018, a testament to their growing success as a small business with fairly limited resources.The absence of capital has proven to be one of the brothers biggest challenges, with a limited ability to expand their footprint and execution of ideas, without the luxury of experimenting with their fathers’ dough, the brothers have faced limitations in their desire to execute their ideas.The Brothers are also focussed on building on the sustainability of their business through diversification, having done this in part by winning contracts to supply restaurants with their craft designs, as well as through creating a range of unique vegan olive oils, infused with a selection of herbs and spices.

The brothers have set their eyes on expansion and growth, within and beyond South African borders, staying true to the original wishes of their inspiration, their father.

FAB Graphics

FAB Graphics

With clarity comes great vision. For FAB Graphics, this is simply about understanding, and then seeing. Their purpose, as graphic designers, is about bringing that visualisation to life, and therefore about striving for that efficacy every time. After a long tenure in the industry, FAB Graphics came together in 2010 as its own independent agency, widening the scope of design in all areas including 3D animation, Graphic Design, Signage manufacturing and printing. But vision is a thing of clarity. With additional expertise in virtual walkthroughs and fly-overs, 3D perspectives and digital photography, FAB Graphics have quickly refined themselves as specialists in property marketing, providing real estate, property developers and architects with an invaluable set of great marketing material and graphic consultation.

FAB Graphic’s methodology stems from one foundational notion: a unique and integrative approach to conceptual design. From the beginning, by building ideas and creating something from little or nothing, FAB Graphics make it clear that the focus is not solely design; it’s not solely the trees in the wood, it is conceptualisation.

From concept right through to design, and even through to print and production.

To offer valuable marketing strategies, to reinvigorate a business made or to set the standard with one, FAB Graphics employ a  philosophy that strives to create aesthetics that are timeless and original, that ensnare, that make you known and ultimately, that make you memorable.



Have Wings

Have Wings

Have Wings is a gourmet grilled chicken wing revolution.

A restaurant and take-away joint that sells the healthy option to the famed, fast food. Have Wings provides gourmet grilled wings and sides, as well as a variety of flavoured dips.

The concept was born after noticing an obvious gap in the market for a readily available snack and light meal service. The idea was developed, conceptualized, packaged and trademarked by Trudy Mackay, who has since named it, Have Wings.

With their flagship store located in the trendy Melville neighbourhood, where the appreciation for good food is rife. Have Wings offers a selection of flavours, from around the world to give their customers 5 mouth-watering options, hot & Smoky, Extra Hot and Smoky, Sweet & Sticky, Oriental, as well as Lemon & Coriander. Their wings go through a ‘thrice cooked’ process, ensuring quality meals. Each meal is prepared daily, ensuring quality and taste with every wing. Their wings are cooked to perfection, drained of excess fat and packed to the brim with their secret flavours, making their wings the most delicious on the market. Each wing is organic and free range, always fresh, and never injected with unnatural elements.



During a time where modern music found its edge, and many artists relished in the sound experience of Eagle-Eye Cherry and Cher, Jeff Peverett was working part time at a quirky little second-hand Record Store, that went by the name of Microgram. Days were spent sampling the sounds of the world, debating which chart would make it to the Billboard Top 100, spoiler alert, it was Cher. The world had been introduced to the sweet sound sensation that secular music had to offer, and Jeff had quickly found his passion, his life was to be spent reveling in the joy of sound.

After a terrible loss to the Microgram store, with the untimely passing of Microgram’s co-owner, Paul, lost his battle with Cancer. Mike, the founder, then 85 years old, soon decided that it was time to hang up his Gramophone, and retire to tranquil United Kingdom, and sadly, closing his business.
Jeff certainly couldn’t play a part in depriving the world of the sounds that Microgram collected, and quickly offered to take over the business, in exchange for its debts.

He spent the next 5 years dedicating his time and energy into building the business, creating a dream that he could live out. In 2005, he made the difficult decision to move Microgram from its original home in Newtown, to the up and coming grounds of Northcliff.

The years that followed were spectacular, he found himself expanding into an e-Commerce store, InStereo, as well as franchising, opening a second store at Brightwater Commons in Randburg. Jeff soon found himself in the enviable position of being able to travel the world, sourcing and sampling new Vinyl products for the stores. His time was spent travelling the world, experiencing the joy that only the world could offer.

In 2017, Jeff again faced a turning point in his career, when both the malls that he operated from were purchased by the same developers, leading him to be evicted from both of his sites of operation, within a short period of only 3 months.

Taking this knock in his stride, as only Jeff could, he decided that it was time to forego the comfort that a mall had to offer, and he moved his stores to Parkhurst and 27 Boxes in Melville, beginning the start of an incredible journey, highlighted by open-air spaces and a mix of businesses second to none.

The rocky road proved to be worth it, with both of his stores experiencing success in their new homes.



Infernoz Chili

Infernoz Chili

Creating spicy experiences, drizzled in peppers, Infernoz Chilli offers a unique experience for all chili lovers to revel in. With handcrafted sauces, each carrying their own flair, Infernoz has a sauce for everyone, ranging from mild to scorching.

With enticing blends, complimented with an unforgettable experience, Infernoz offers everything from the famed Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion and Ghost Pepper, to the notorious Jalapeño chilli Peppers, blended into a variety of sauces.
With a humble backstory, Infernoz began their chili journey offering their craft at a variety of markets in Jozi, sharing their calling with spice aficionado’s. Infernoz found a permanent home at The Green Market at 27 Boxes, as well as the incorporation of a Chilli Taste Bar at the 27 Boxes centre, with the intention being that chilli lovers could spend an afternoon sampling the best that Infernoz has to offer.

Having grown from strength to strength, fostering great aspirations, Infernoz boasts a variety of distinctive sauces, produced by local brands.

Some like it hot, some prefer it hotter; at Infernoz, we love chilli all the time.

Urbanite Distillery

Urbanite Distillery

Urbanite Distillery represent a new era of craft spirits, revitalizing the word gin through the perfectly balanced and smooth tastes that they offer to the South African Urban community. Keeping in line with the Urban theme, their craft Gin comes packaged in a sleek, modern bottle with branding that speaks to the elegance in taste of the spirit.

Urbanite Distillery is a Gauteng born and bred dream, flourishing in the mecca of South Africa. The Urbanite team are city people, doing Gin like most city people do. With an understanding of a fast paced, non-stop life, peak traffic, business meetings overlooking the Jozi skyline and most importantly, the precious memory laden nights spent experiencing the city with friends and family.

Urbanite Distillery combines the best that Urban living has to offer, with a spectacular craft Gin, giving you the best craft Gin experience that any city has to offer, in true Jozi style. 

With two delicious craft Gin’s on offer, Urbanite Distillery provides a pure taste sensation, using only fresh ingredients and not sacrificing flavor with their no colorants and no added sugar quality.

Urbanite Classic, the heart of the Urbanite brand infuses 10 botanicals to create the perfect balance of smooth, palatable Gin. Hand crafted, using only fresh ingredients including Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Naartjie, Cinnamon, and a few other top-secret blends, Urbanite Classic raises the standards for Gin lovers worldwide.
Urbanite Berry, the second taste on offer, is the only Gin in South Africa that infuses three different berries, ensuring the best of the fruity flavours. A favourite for summer days, or the perfect gift for someone special, this Gin is reform that the world needs.

With meticulous attention given to their brand, coupled with a true sense of artistry, Urbanite sets the benchmark for craft Gin.Forget what you thought you knew about Gin and treat yourself to the sweet botanicals that Urbanite offers.




After seeing a TV Commercial based on a character named Vuyo, who turns selling boerewors rolls into a Billion Dollar Success story, Miles Kubheka, CEO, Chef, Author, Philanthropist, and entrepreneur decided to trademark the name Vuyo’s. Vuyo’s journey began with an idea that was taken to the Fourways Farmers Market, where Vuyo’s wors was sold from a small inconspicuous food stall. Following on the curtails of Vuyo’s success, Miles opened his first restaurant in Braamfontein in December 2012, offering authentic, indigenous meals ranging from Idombolo with vegetables and stew, to Bunny Chows and Amagwinya, the vetkoek with a twist.

The Braamfontein space was moved to Vilakazi Street in the heart of Soweto, transporting the brand to a community where food service was in high demand. This new location was a driving force of opportunity and job creation in an underdeveloped community, further developing the integrity of the Vuyo’s brand.

Vuyo’s is to this day a successfully operating restaurant, feeding a community and providing opportunities for employment and further entrepreneurship.

Miles further developed his entrepreneurial and culinary skills when he founded the Wakanda Food Accelerator program in 2018, with an extended development named Wakanda Food Forever.  Wakanda provides a shared kitchen combined with business incubation  assistance and coaching to help aspiring food creatives and foodpreneurs looking to build great food companies.

The foodpreneurs and food creatives  work together in a learning ecosystem that will engender collaboration  amongst them. The net result will be new products and services created, improve healthy food access and strengthen South Africa’s regional food economy by overcoming the gap between the sluggish informal economy and the dynamic formal market.

The Wakanda Forever Kitchens seek to provide value- added services to increase their impact and generate revenue to sustain their operations. There is a tremendous breadth of services that shared kitchens, kitchen incubators, food innovation centres and accelerators offer to food businesses and the larger community.

27 Boxes centre was chosen as a base of operations due to its close proximity to Wits University  as well as the close proximity to the University of Johannesburg. Melville also has the most amount of independent restaurant in one street. This gives the Wakanda incubates the opportunity to supply these restaurants with their products and services.

Wakanda decided to put their centre on a rooftop to show that they can place their centres anywhere provided  there is enough space, access to water and electricity, and have a successful operation.

Through their incubation programs, Wakanda provides an unprecedented support system, with access to high-level mentorship, business and financial planning, production services, as well as marketing services, all packaged by an entrepreneur who knows the journey to entrepreneurial success personally.




For the Love of Yummyness

For the Love of Yummyness

Where the sweet and savoury tooth are satiated, and where sensory wonder is served on a silver platter, wrapped with love and served with a side dish of happiness.

Bonjour from Roderick, the founder of Yummyness. Having grown up in Belgium, developing a love of all things delicious from a young age, Roderick and his family initiated a monthly family tradition, where they would take a drive to the alluring city of Antwerp to indulge in the best treats that Belgium had to offer. A weekend full of kids experiencing the joys of a sugar rush, dipped in a decadent Brussels Waffle, what more do children need?

The streets of Antwerp may as well have been paved with decadence, with a waffle house on every corner, it’s the sugar fundi’s dream.

Roderick moved to South Africa 10 years ago, and quickly started to miss the smells and tastes that Belgium had to offer, particularly the crisp, fluffy waffles that he grew up relishing. After completing his studies at a Private Hotel school in Stellenbosch, Roderick went on to experience travel, tasting the world and appreciating what each crevice of the globe had to offer, all leading him to nurture the seed that is Yummyness.

No matter where he travelled, or what he tasted, nothing could compare to the delightfully exquisite Brussels Waffles! Soon after landing back on South African soil, Roderick decided that it was time to bring the tastes of Brussels to his new home, South Africa, so that we could all have a taste of the joys that painted his childhood.

With years of experience under his belt, having tasted the best that the world has to offer, Yummyness strives to bring you love with each bite. At Yummyness, the signature dish is, you guessed it! The traditional, Belgian Waffle. Using a 300-year-old recipe, passed down from generation to generation, and only the freshest, wholesome ingredients, Roderick aims to share his childhood with South Africa.

At Yummyness, the team certainly knows their way around a kitchen, spending their days bringing you only the best taste sensation. Dig into their selection of sweet or savoury crêpes, exuding flavorful fillings with each bite.

Yummyness supply both private and corporate catering, with a flexible menu to satisfy even the most critical palate.

Everything that they do, is simply… Yummy.





A family run vegetable store, with its name deriving from a unique combination of 3 siblings’ names, Jossy, Lior, and Dave, Jolida supplies its patrons with only the best, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Jolida’s story began in early 2000, when David Balabou’s family made Melville their new home, joining the bustling life of the City.

David chose to leave his children a legacy, a business that they could call their own, and make a success of, subsequently founding Jolida. With humble beginnings, supplying fruits and vegetables to small restaurants in Eastgate, Jolida has since found success through the support and community at 27 Boxes.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic, the Balabou family approached 27 Boxes Management with their idea to supply the entire community with fresh, locally sourced produce at competitive rates.
In line with 27 Boxes strategy to add value at every opportunity, Jolida has become part of the 27 Boxes family, and has found a home within the community market.

With future goals to incorporate fellow entrepreneurs into their business, and to provide an incubation hub, Jolida has dreams and aspirations that are nurtured by 27 Boxes.

X&O Patisserie

X&O Patisserie

X&O is a patisserie based at the iconic 27Boxes Container Complex, serving superb cronuts and beverages. X&O was born out of a love and passion for all things sweet, with its founders choosing to combine the most loved parts of the classic donut, and flaky croissant, into one, mouth-watering treat.

In 2015, the first X&O Store was opened at 27 Boxes, with little in the way of resources, and no finalised recipe in sight, the team at X&O were left with nothing but determination and passion, leading to the creation of all things sweet and wonderful.
With a variety of treats on offer, including the now famous cronut, in a selection of delicious flavours, delectable milkshakes and a sweet combination of both, this is paradise for the sweet tooth.

Book Circle Capital

Book Circle Capital

The start of something wonderful, through a combination of passion for literacy, and the drive of two parents, Book Circle Capital was born.

Founded by Loyiso Langeni in 2016, Book Circle Capital was born out of a monthly book subscription business that he started where he charged a monthly fee to people and he allowed them to order a book of their choice. He focused on people that did not have access to good African literature based in rural South Africa particularly in the Northern and Eastern Cape. Loyiso, having grown up in a small town in the Northern Cape, where very little in the way of buzzing businesses happens, and where resources are scarce lead Loyiso to his love and passion for reading. His mom had provided him with an escape from the physical constraints of the area in which they lived, and through reading, Loyiso was able to dream of the possibilities that life held beyond the borders of his small town. It was there that his desire to provide affordable access to books within communities in South Africa was born. He wished to provide a means of giving back to the community and allowing children to share the dreams that literature had gifted him.

There was a good take up for the business even in Johannesburg and he thought of expanding the idea to a physical location where people could browse books and maybe gather to discuss what they had read. He then opened the store in Maboneng in September 2017. The store was unfortunately flooded 3 months later but by God’s grace the couple stumbled upon 27 Boxes and have been operating out of the market since 2018.

The initial stages of running the business were filled with naivety. The husband and wife team thought that the business would be bustling but  soon realised that like everything else in life, the success of their dream relied heavily on their ability to be noticed within the community.

Book Circle Capital have grown beyond a simple bookstore, they have positioned themselves as thought leaders within South Africa, doing podcasts, book reviews, blogging and partnering with other players in the literature space. At Book Circle Capital, dreams are fulfilled, and possibilities are highlighted to those who need optimism the most.

Reserved Café

Reserved Café

It is the irrefutable dream of the young chef, to open their own restaurant, and design a menu with their personal flair and spin reflected in the choice of food. This dream has become a reality for the owner of Reserved Café.

In 2017, Danny opened up a small Deli in the heart of Melville, affectionately named, Reserved Café. Reserved Café is a contemporary, familiar, Portuguese inspired restaurant, with its roots in the heart of the buzzing Melville, and its inspiration drawn from a passionate chef, with a desire to share his love of food with South Africans.

With a menu designed to cater for a flavour adventure, a unique fusion of Portuguese street food and various other tastes that Danny has acquired throughout his career, Reserved Café has something for everyone to savour.

Reserved Café host various functions throughout the year, from Game Nights through to markets, with customizable menus, leading to the inevitable success of the evening. Danny has ensured that all patrons of his restaurant feel welcome, at home, and find comfort in a space of his design, by incorporating his ‘pet friendly’ policy, as well as the provision of device charging points, allowing students and those conducting business to be able to enjoy a meal whilst they work.

Open 6 days a week for scrumptious breakfasts, leisurely lunches, and tranquil sundowner drinks, with the incorporation of a Deli area, offering unique cakes, quiches, sandwiches, and of course, the divine Portuguese delicacies, Reserved Café is more than just a restaurant, it is a dream, a feeling, a home, and an adventure waiting for you to experience.

Flavourz Of India

Flavourz Of India

What would life be without a little spice? Fresh spices transport us on an international journey with each bite, transforming a simple dish into something exquisite.

Flavourz of India specialize in organic, Indian spices and products, all sourced and imported from India. With a love of all things tasty and organic, Flavourz of India aim to transport your palate to the culinary wonders that India has to offer with their range of carefully curated products.

Flavourz of India have been operating successfully at 27 Boxes for 3 years, having expanded their offerings to include authentic Indian cooking classes, as well as a variety of hosted events, including the Diwali Festival and the Vegan and Vegetarian Fair, leading to their success with customers and tenants alike.

Spoil your palate with something wonderful, at Flavourz of India.

P4 Infinity Hair and Beauty

P4 Infinity Hair and Beauty

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and P4 Infinity Hair and Beauty make it their mission to ensure that their patrons leave their salon as the best aesthetic version of themselves. Offering a variety of treatments that include hair, nails, facial, as well as permanent makeup solutions, P4 Infinity offers the best in beauty enhancement standards.

Founded in 2018, following the dream of a young beauty professional to create a successful, holistic business that values client engagement, respect and integrity, P4 Infinity is now well established at their base of operations at the 27 Boxes Centre.

Determined to be different, and learn whilst they succeeded, the owners of the salon have used their previous experiences and knowledge to create a Salon that combines the best that the beauty world has to offer.
Come for the service, and stay for the experience, P4 Infinity offers Professional, Passionate beauty care, experienced only at 27 Boxes.