Think Green is a South African company that is committed to providing high quality services and products in the organic health space to contribute to sustainable development. We focus on health and hygiene products as well as related training and consulting services.

Among our broad range of products are the following all natural organic hand made products:

  • Soaps – hand made with various essential oils, natural shea butter, coconut oil and balms. It is cured naturally.
  • Massage oils – infused with healing essential oils and designed to address various aches, pains, knots and stress points.
  • Body creams for normal and dry skin as well as to address skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, among others.
  • Lip balm, effective even in very cold winter months.
  • Other beauty products like shower gels, shampoos, foam baths, etc.

All the above products are hemp and CBD based and use certified essential oils.
Think Green is a pioneer in showcasing the legal, ethical and medical use of hemp and CBD derivatives.



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