With enticing blends, complimented with an unforgettable experience, Infernoz offers everything from the famed Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion and Ghost Pepper, to the notorious Jalapeño chilli Peppers, blended into a variety of sauces.

With a humble backstory, Infernoz began their chili journey offering their craft at a variety of markets in Jozi, sharing their calling with spice aficionado’s. Infernoz found a permanent home at The Green Market at 27 Boxes, as well as the incorporation of a Chilli Taste Bar at the 27 Boxes centre, with the intention being that chilli lovers could spend an afternoon sampling the best that Infernoz has to offer.

Having grown from strength to strength, fostering great aspirations, Infernoz boasts a variety of distinctive sauces, produced by local brands.  

Some like it hot, some prefer it hotter; at Infernoz, we love chilli all the time.  

The finest selection of chilli sauces in Johannesburg!

Creating spicy experiences, drizzled in peppers, Infernoz Chilli offers a unique experience for all chili lovers to revel in. With handcrafted sauces, each carrying their own flair, Infernoz has a sauce for everyone, ranging from mild to scorching.


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Shop Nr: 22
Floor: Ground Floor
Contact Nr: 082 418 1828