Expressive Luxury, Handmade & Bespoke Keeva is a South African brand of fine, handmade jewellery inspired by the beauty and simplicity of bold, geometric and organic patterns. Our pieces boasts beautiful minimalistic and creatively classic styles.


Calling all sweet and savoury tooths… Get love, happiness and sensory wonder on a plate. We make scrumptious Waffles and Crêpes. Sink your teeth into crispy warm waffles crowned with heavenly toppings. Dig into a selection of sweet or savoury crepes oozing with tasty fillings. Everything we do here is simply…yummy.


We are Africa’s leading suppliers of premium luxury original wigs and hair. Strictly specializing in Grade 12A original virgin hair. We source our hair directly from factories that process hair directly from temple of donors. We offer variety of complementary and after products to ensure durability of your wigs and bundles.